Friday, October 8, 2010

Commemorative Coin - Bunga Raya 50 Years As Proclamation As National Flower

Another commemorative coin into my collection. Was not able to get it when it was sold on the first day at Bank Negara. Had to buy it from my regular dealer from SP - Mr Lim. Iv got a few now. Anyone wants it ? Selling it for RM 20

The Bunga Raya
The Bunga Raya or Hibiscus Flower was officially proclaimed as the National flower by Malaysia's first Prime Minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman on the 28th July 1960. The five petals of hibiscus represent the five principals of Rukunegara ( Nationhood ) in fostering unity and developing a fair and equal society.

The red colour of the Hibiscus refelects the country's economy and political strength and courage in facing challanges. In general the rich diversity of the Hibuscus which appear in many colour and sizes, symbolises Malaysia's muliti racial society, religion and cultural diversity living in harmony.

The Hibiscus was immortalised as one of the images in the National Embelem of Malaysiaon 19th May 1983. The Hibiscus was declared as a National heritage on 7th july 2007.

  • The Obverse Side of the Coin
    The centre of the coin features the image of the Bunga Raya as the National Flower with the words "50 Tahun" at the upper circumference. The years "1960 - 2010" appear below the Bunga Raya, and the words "Bunga Raya Bunga Kebangsaan" at the lower circumference of the coin.
  • The Reverse Side of the Coin
    The centre shows the map of Malaysia, with the Malaysian flag as the background. The upper circumference displays the words "Bank Negara Malaysia" with the denomination below it. "Jabatan Warisan Negara" as organiser of the ceremony for the proclamation anniversary appears on the lower circumference of the coin.

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